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    Our team of estimators, project managers, and International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) Electricians provide unparalleled skill and experience that has raised Ridley Electric, LLC to the top of electrical contractors in the state


    Ridley Electric, LLC is a full-service electrical contractor located in Syracuse, New York and has been operating since 1949.


    With nearly seventy years of experience, Ridley Electric, LLC is widely known as one of the top-performing electrical contractors in the area. We perform industrial, commercial, design-build communication and VDV projects. We install life safety systems such as fire alarms. And we hold numerous state and city licenses in New York, Virginia, and Florida.


    Our customers include industrial facilities, Healthcare clients, Universities, and K through 12, office and retail clients, as well as multi-tenant residential facilities. We pride ourselves in providing high-quality electrical installations delivered safely and on time. We are well-known for performing high-skilled and difficult installations.